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Mr. Pradip Sureka is a noted stock market technical analyst from Kolkata, India and appears as a guest analyst on ZEE BUSINESS regularly.  The team of Kailashpuja is headed by him.  He was also nominated as one of the top 3 technical analysts at Zee Business Financial Markets Conclave (India's Best Technical Analyst Awards Function) held in Mumbai in 2010.

His team comprises of Ms. Nikita Sureka (MBA in Finance and CFA)

The website has been designed to enable the investors to gain the maximum out of the Indian Capital Market by helping them in taking Investment decisions which is both profitable and safer. 

We are starting a "Technical Analyst Club". The members of this club will get the following benefits:

1. Your charting skills will be personally polished by Mr.Pradip Sureka through discussion on charts seen by you and also by regular charting tips

2. Stock Recommendations by Pradip Sureka will be given to you.

3. If your stock Picks are approved by us then mention of that stock pick along with your name on our website

The membership charge is Rs.25,000/- PA





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